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Premium Lamb

Our Premium Lamb is our top of the line family raised, hormone free lamb. Locally processed, featuring exquisite chops, legs, brats, and ground lamb, this wholesome protein will meet your needs.

​Contact us for pre-orders now for half and whole lamb bundles or find us at the Community Agricultural Alliance Marketplace. Click "Check By-the-Cut Pricing" for the most current availability and prices.


We are happy to discuss custom finishing and custom cutting to your specifications. Please contact us for special orders.  


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Lamb Cuts

From a leg of lamb roast to gourmet brats, we stock a variety of options to please every palate.

Lamb chops make a great dinner every night, just a few minutes per side on the grill. 

Having a BBQ? Our traditional brat and Garlic & Onion Brats are sure to please the crowd. We also offer a Mango Habanero Brat for the adventurous foodie that likes a sweet and spicy kick!

Ground lamb, our most versatile option, creates delicious lamb burgers and meatballs. Try substituting ground lamb for other ground meats in your favorite recipes and tell us about your new favorite dish!

We are happy to custom cut to your specifications. Please contact us for special orders or find us at the Community Agricultural Alliance Marketplace when available.


The Knott Ranch Sheep Flock

Our sheep are born and raised near the headwaters of Trout Creek located in northwestern Colorado. The sheep graze on mountain meadows and shrubland throughout the growing season on the Knott Ranch. The sheep graze differently than cattle, utilizing forbs and shrubs in addition to grass. They help open the understory to promote grass growth, and reduce fuels for wildfire.

We have a Rambouillet ewe flock that we pasture breed to select Suffolk and Hampshire rams, providing us with premium mountain lambs. Our lambs are harvested directly from lush summer feed resulting in rich, tender choice meat without a gamey flavor.

Rambouillets give us both frame for lambing ease, growth, and a fine fleece for our mountain conditions. The fleece allows us to produce a high quality wool product, something that we are looking forward to establishing markets within our local community.



Nutritious lamb has many benefits for all to enjoy.

High in Omega 3 fatty acids including CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), lamb is also a superior source for B vitamins, iron, and zinc.

A powerhouse of protein, lamb boasts 23grams in a 3oz serving! 

Lamb is rich with many vitamins and minerals essential to good health.

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